2017 is HERE! Are you ready for the New Year? There’s still time to follow this checklist to make sure that YOU.ARE.READY!

Let’s start with your financials. This is a tough one, so I wanted to begin here. Most people don’t want to reconcile their accounts, in fear that they discover less money than they anticipated. Not to mention, you won’t have a choice but to observe your spending habits (I know, I know…we just passed Christmas). But, this is important! Get a grip on where you’re at, and use the rest of your strategy time to make sure that you will fill that account, with revenue, in this New Year.

Take care of YOU.

Without your health, you can have all of the money in the world, but it will be worthless if you aren’t able to experience with the quality of life that you should be having.

If you haven’t visited your primary care physician (PCP), call and make the soonest appointment to make sure that your blood work is in order and everything is working properly. If you exercise proper healthy habits, it creates confidence, increases energy, and increases productivity. Now, who wouldn’t want all of those things?

Here’s where it gets fun…

Are you an Entrepreneur or a Wantapreneur?

With the rise in “Marketers,” or the global push to inspire people to work for themselves, we arrive at a long list of people who have yet to be honest with themselves. As an entrepreneur myself, it’s tough for me to watch the media glamorize entrepreneurship. It’s not realistic! And when these folks hit reality, it could impact more than just their pride but maybe even the well-being of their family. If you’re looking to make the move into entrepreneurship this year, don’t be shy retaining a business coach. That is what we’re here for! Not to mention, you’ll have someone who is looking at all angles, to help you avoid painful lessons.

How often do you think about your priorities? At this point, with all of my time providing Marketing Therapy and Business Therapy to professionals, I found that many of them just don’t even consider their priorities. Sure…overall, you know what and who is important to you, but do you know why or are you constantly reminded of them? Most respond with, “no.” As a result, many entrepreneurs lose their balance and time with their loved ones and even time/energy for themselves. Trust me — It’s not enough to mentally prioritize. Use tools to manage them. Visit them often, rearrange, or just take it in regularly. The prime suspect of wrecking priorities are distractions. OH LOOK! *squirrel* It’s just.that.easy. Here’s a #Qtip: List your common distractions and create a strategy how you will avoid giving in to them. It seems tedious, but I promise you…your brain will register it while you write and read. Your ability to recall what you will do when these distractions arise will be more suitable.

With that being said, it’s not ALL about work. Whhhaaattt? You heard me! Take time for yourself. Have you ever heard of “Me Time?” Yeah. That! It’s not all about face-masks and pedicures. I mean, take time to fill your mind with audio books, traditional books, watching your favorite show, meditating, writing, or some like-activity that benefits YOU. There’s also the traditional form of “taking time,” like taking a vacation. Can’t take a vacation? You’ll really want to carve out time for yourself and especially your loved ones, in your schedule. Also, don’t forget to get enough sleep! Seven to eight hours is the most desirable. If you’re exhausted, don’t be afraid of a nap. If a power-nap is feasible, I promise you that it’s better than drinking more coffee.

Many people focus on the negatives or struggles because, quite frankly, it’s easier to dwell on those and some are even driven by the struggles. Focusing on the positives can do the same. Creating a habit that allows you to express gratitude, even silently will keep your attitude positive, as well as allow you to embrace your failures without anger — actually, more productive.

Appreciate the good, the bad, the lessons, and the advice.

Ask yourself — do you ask enough questions? I get it. You’ve been in the business long enough, have many successes and achievements, but how would you know if you’re being stagnant, practicing dated strategies if you don’t ask yourself if you’re still doing the right thing. Double-check your work, ask yourself if you need help in some aspect of your business, and identify your flaws. I promise you — the more you are familiar with your flaws and even identify that you need help in some aspect of your business, you will be more productive.

Self-awareness elicits strength.

You’ll be able to identify if you have the right tools that you need to succeed, identify how risk-averse you are, and even be able to identify if you are allowing yourself to be vulnerable enough.

Business is a relationship game. If you’re not allowing yourself to be vulnerable, you’re actually taking the longer road to success.

Need more info about this? Send me a message.

We’re almost done…

Check your 2017 associates and affiliations. Are these the connections that you need to have versus want to have? Would it help you to collaborate with someone or a group? What about a partnership? I see many looking-to-be tech companies without a tech-person in leadership. It’s time to think about a partnership. Just like delegating, this creates a more clear path to success.

Speaking of success — it’s 2017 the year that you need to get a coach, a mentor, or an advisor? Many people feel that they only need a coach if they are failing. That couldn’t be farther from the truth. How amazing would it be to have someone who is saving you from grief, from trouble, from struggles, or even some failures? Right. Get a coach.

And a drumroll please…

My last point on this checklist is about GIVING. Give more than you receive. While you may be tired from doing every thing above, you’re more than likely more well-off than the average person. Why not share your knowledge, time, expertise with someone that will greatly benefit from it? Of course, making money is great, but what you get from giving someone something that they can’t get otherwise is extremely rewarding. Not to mention…it’s good KARMA!

Start the year off right! Work through these 10-points, and I promise that you’ll be more ready for 2017. Here’s to a wonderful and successful year for ALL!



Q’s 10-point New Year Checklist

  1. Financials
  2. Health Matters
  3. Entrepreneur vs. Wantapreneur
  4. Prioritization
  5. Take Time for Yourself
  6. Express Gratitude
  7. Ask Questions
  8. Associations and Affiliations
  9. Get a coach, mentor, or an advisor.
  10. Give!
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