What does it take to inspire one individual to thousands? David Gibson spent an hour with us and shared his story. In case you missed it, you can watch the replay below. Tears were shed, but all for good reasons. Trusting in the person who is going to inspire you is key. If you are going to be in an environment where you are going to grow yourself, it needs to be a safe place. Even better, being among other #DreamCatchers increases the electricity in the room. “You have to have a goal of improvement every single day,” said David. And that is what everyone comes to his broadcast for, on Periscope, each and every morning.

David said, “I have a drive to encourage individuals to be their best self.” He goes on to mention that, “At the end of the day, the focus is to inspire individuals and empower individuals.” No matter where you choose to get your inspiration from, it’s just important that you make it a priority to continue to gain inspiration and spread it to others. Inspire the World! Wherever you may end up, it is not an accident. David said, “It’s not by accident that they are on my broadcast, so what can I say or do to help this individual out.” Go where you are called. David Gibson even admitted to us that, “A lot of times I’m talking to me too. A lot of times, I’m more specifically talking to David Gibson. That philosophy of ‘David, you can do better.’” So you know, that David is coming from a place of realness. He too is holding himself accountable, which is one of the greatest things I can say…he is REAL.

One of the other greatest things about Mr. David Gibson Jr. is that he studies people. He voiced, “This is how serious I am about improving lives.” He is the creator of Elevation is a Must, and he said that it is not a media company. Instead, it’s an “inspirement company.” The belief is that people “have a dream that the world is waiting for them to deliver. A lot of the distractions and insecurities that we have developed…hinder us from connecting us with who we really are.” And at the end of the day, it’s those who consistently put in the work and the ones that trust in themselves and are comfortable with themselves that are the ones that will succeed. “It doesn’t take all day to recognize sunshine, but a lot of people can’t handle the glare. It intimidates them. I want to bring that awareness and realization that it is imperative that you look at who you really and truly are and trust that person, without apology.”

Be sure to listen through to where he answered the question, “What does success look like for David Gibson Jr.?”

David preaches that this “focus is on the person that needs to hear the message.” At the same time, “I’m investing into these individuals, as they are investing into this message.” You cannot expect any powerful outcomes without an investment of YOUR time. “We all have the power to define what success is in our lives, but when you are living your life without apology, that is when you will find your true success.”

What Inspires David Gibson? “Do what you do to make your contribution to the world. THAT is what inspires me.”

Watch the replay of Marketing Therapy Episode 15: Inspire the World w/David Gibson.

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