I truly believe that this subject is something that most people bury deep into their thoughts. If people really considered making choices based on this, they could have more success, be more fulfilled, and even have more fruitful relationships.

I had this realization when I was 9-years-old, which drove me to make decisions for myself that would lead to a life without much regret. I would live a life with purpose, with intention, a life with many rewards.

As you begin another week, I ask you to consider thinking about making decisions based on knowing that at some point, you’re going to die. Maybe you haven’t thought about it? Maybe you didn’t want to think about it? Well, think about it, and know that we are all lucky enough to have another chance at changing our own lives, going after our dreams, and making an impact in this world. In the words of my friend David Gibson, “Don’t settle. When we settle, that’s the end of life.”

This post was inspired by Gary Vee’s latest video of three words of inspiration to a fan.

I encourage you to watch those two messages. ThanQ.

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